Our Mission

We are what we think. Your mind is your most important asset, essential to your success in life. It is also the most complex aspect of your being and the one most amenable to change. Monclarity’s mission is to enhance the human mind through neuroscientifically-guided cognitive exercise.

How We Do It

The human mind is dynamic and so is the organ behind it — the human brain. Just as the muscles respond to physical exercise, the human brain responds to mental activities. As specific muscle groups benefit from carefully designed physical workouts, different cognitive functions may benefit from cognitive exercises designed with the knowledge of neuroscience and neuropsychology. This is what we do — we design such exercises and make them available to you.

Cognitive Exercise May Improve Cognitive Skills

Research shows that scientifically designed cognitive exercises can improve human cognition. By engaging in systematic cognitive exercise, a person develops new cognitive skills.

Neuroplasticity and The Brain

The discovery of neuroplasticity is among the most important advances in neuroscience. It refers to the brain’s ability to change in response to mental activity. Neuroplasticity can take many forms — from the emergence of new connections between neurons called synapses, to increased blood supply to the brain, to the emergence of new neurons themselves.

Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Exercise

Our new understanding of neuroplasticity implies that cognitive exercise may not only improve cognitive skills, the 'software' on which the brain runs, but that it may change the brain itself, the neural 'hardware'. Neuroimaging studies have shown that the brain regions engaged in vigorous mental activities can actually grow in size! The effects of neuroplasticity tend to be specific: they benefit those parts of the brain which are most engaged in your mental activities.

Different parts of the brain are in charge of different functions. Some are in charge of language, others of visual perception, yet others are particularly important in memory, in decision-making, and so on. Therefore, it is important to exercise diverse cognitive functions in a systematic way. Using cutting edge neuroscientific and neuropsychological knowledge, Monclarity has designed a personal trainer that systematically targets different cognitive functions and challenges your mind.

Why Us?

Monclarity has assembled a unique interdisciplinary team of scientists and professionals. Neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists, computer scientists, game designers, and software developers all collaborate to provide you with exciting cognitive fitness training. At Monclarity, we believe that we are what we think — Power Your Mind, Build Your Brain, Enhance Your Life.